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    Thank you Masart,

    what i´m doing here is all based on the things i´ve learned - and
    still learning from the videos on youtube from Tomas Wittelsbach.

    i owe this guy so much ! not only the things concerning how
    to work in Zbrush - but also how to be more self-confident when
    it comes to talking and working with clients and how to be more
    „free“ when doing art. and finding out who i am as an artist.

    I still have a long way to go - but the works are getting better i

    All the best and kind regards,

    Ollie / Cosmic

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    Default skull ring

    Beautiful ring. I have searched everywhere. can it be purschased?

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    i am experimenting with realtime / pbr and put up some of my models
    on the sketchfab website. this is pure fun.

    maybe you want to take a look at them.

    I know it is not the main focus for pixologic. But it would be so cool to have
    the ability to upload own models here on Zbrushcentral an see them in
    realtime with WebGl or similar.

    Kind regards & cu soon


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    Dear Zbrush community,

    i want to show you another work i made entirely with Zbrush.

    A friend of mine, Carina Conzelmann is a professional goldsmith and
    she 3D printed this on a solidscape 3dprinter and then cast it in silver.

    it was out entry for the german gemstone competition 2017.

    the weight of this piece is around 210 grams and it has a nice feature.

    It is basicalla a fidget spinner but the outside ball bearings for the weight
    were replaced by jaspis stones. and you can change one of them out of the little
    capsule and replace it with the holder so you can play with it.

    it was a very complex & time consuming project for both of us but i think it
    came out pretty nice. and at this point i want to say again thank you to carina
    for doing an awesome job.

    For my part / 3d - Zbrush with Live Boolean in the pipeline again never let me
    down when there were changes to make during the developing process.

    Both shells hold together with small neodymium magnets and what can i say:
    it spins for a very long time

    what do you think ?

    Love, all the best & keep up zbrushing


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    @cosmic.ollie This is beautiful! ^-^
    I just stumbled across your thread and I'm glad I did,

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