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    First time posting, but I´ve been checking the forums for a while to learn and improve my technique.
    Still an early work in progress, but wanted to share some pictures of my Tony Stark/ Robert Downey Jr bust from The Avengers movie.

    Hope you like it!!

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    very nice work man... u should try fiberMesh for beard and the hair... it will definitely pump up the attraction in the model

    love the work though

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    This is my first time sculpting hair. I wanted to try and sculpt it like an articulated figure, so I used as a reference for the hair the great head sculpt from the Iron man Hot Toys figure.
    But you are right, maybe I can work on an alternate version with fibermesh too.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    ur welcome dude, btw great work on sculpting the hair it really is great,

    and I replied cuz i did not want u to be left high and dry like the people in this forum are leaving me i want feedback but all my topics are blank no replies at all

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