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    Default Aqrabuamelu (Scorpion man)

    This creature was modeled entirely in zbrush. I created the basemesh using zsphere, and base texture was also painted in zbrush, but later finished the texture in photoshop. It was rendered in zbrush, and post work was done in photoshop.

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    Looks good, but too much detail, no place for eye to rest.

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    Here are the references that i used as an inspiration for this creature.. Snapping Turtle was the main reference, mainly because of the detail it has.. And for this character i wanted it to be super detailed. but of course it has to make sense so didn't wanted to go crazy with details and make it messy.. Later will post more renders n some of the progress shots..

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    Cool sculpt but I agree that the detail is a bit overwhelming. If I were you I'd just do a 10 minute experiment on a duplicate or a file you don't save where you selectively simply back a few areas like you have at the sort of forward facing joint of the leg. The torso and back could use a few similar areas, in my opinion. Further, you could create some angles with these that help lead the eye to the area you want a viewer to FIRST see - a focal point. When I first look at any of these images, my eye bounces around like its in a pinball machine rather than having an intuitive place to start and then flow outward from there. This is just a suggestion to help you improve your final images.

    Very nice detail work though.
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