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    Default Dr. Watson and channel monster

    Since I was always sucker for steam punk and all that Victorian look this was done as experiment how to connect Z Brush ,Modo and Photoshop in concept work ,I will probably do more experiments like this just to improve my kung-fu of concepting.Now something about the process :
    For the bridges I did black and white front view drawing in Sketchbook pro , then import it in Z Brush as alpha and make them 3D, file was big and I used decimation master , also the sub was done in Z Brush using mesh brushes .All elements were assembled in Modo for simple render with light source and then I did paint over in Photoshop. The character were painted in Photoshop . I spend around 12 hours on this . Pure fun .

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    Great work .... love that Steam punk look!

    Cheers, David
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    Thank you very much David

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