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    Hi guys,
    So, i love working with 3D Programs, and, I Started working with ZBrush today.
    Im not so good, and it is my first modelling program.
    My Objective posting this is to show you guys my progress on learning, and i want some tips from you guys.
    So, these are the first things that look like something:

    I Would like tips on How to make best render's, and how to save the render image, and i know the eye sucks.
    I Am Studying ZBrush for many months, but this is the first time i use it, i think i have everything to be a good modeller, A Good PC (I7, GTX 660 ti, 8gb), A Tablet (Wacom Bamboo), The Program. but i dont think i have talent. Im no good at Drawing, painting. But work with this is my Biggest dream...
    So, Please Comment What you think, i will try to Update the topic Every day, showing my progress.
    By the way im 16 Years old, From brazil.


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    Wow wish is started as young as you are - i started at 39 and will be 52 soon ! come here every day and learn from the many talented artists i still do and learn something new almost every time ! i like to comment on the underdog threads cuz the pros already know there good and you can be too ! your work is already better then mine was as beginner,i recently uploaded some tutorials that should be easy to follow in my gallery feel free to browse and the others in the tutorial forum - dont be afraid to ask in the questions forum !
    lots of friendly helpful members here. and to me its not about comments but being the first to think of methods others havent ! so practice - ask - try new methods but mainly have fun ! cheers and welcome to ZBC !
    " crits n comments always welcome ! "

    " im not half as dumb as i think you look !! "

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