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    My name is Alexis Smadja-Fellous i am Lead 3D Character artist at DontNod entertainment.

    I am proud to present the characters of Remember me.

    The 3D Character Team was: Regis Capotosto, Yan Le Gall, Bastien Ramisse, Cristian Buliarca, and me.

    Rigging by Pierre Awadalla.

    Art direction by Aleksi Briclot and Michel Koch, characters concepts art By Frédéric Augis and Gary Jamroz-Palma.

    The most part of the screenshot are 3d real time screenshot.

    You can also see that models and turn around on my website zaki7.free.fr or on the extras menu of the game.

    I will post other characters soon.

    Life is a game.


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    I really like the look of the characters, especially the main girl!
    It's just too bad the game didnt feel good enough for me to play it...

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    you guys did a really great job creating some badass characters for an awesome universe!

    Really informative to see all those detailed shots on your site, too!

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    Bastien Ramisse Website : http://jobast.tumblr.com/

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