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    So i assume you are saying that glass automatically does refraction? Jerod I just need to download your eye and see if you are setting it up how I think you are.
    Katon Callaway
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    Hey Katon, thanks man! Glad to hear you dig them!
    Yeah I've had a few people asking about that now, sounds like it would be good to put out a brief rundown of the KeyShot setup for sure!

    And thanks dillster.
    What you said is correct. You had that question a while back too right?
    It's a glass material for the outer shell. Checking the "Two Sided" check box is the crucial part.
    That will give you refraction and the clear-coat/thickness look.
    After that its all about dialing in the Index of Refraction. The Glass defaults at 1.5
    Mine was set to 1.336 to get the proper bulging effect.

    I set up a custom translucent material for the inner eye. Took longer to render but worth it in my opinion.

    Most of the work was done in zbrush of course, but I would say it doesn't look even close to right until you get it into keyshot and start playing around.
    I did a lot of back and forth between the two programs and they were both an integral part of getting the finished look.

    It's a fairly simple eye setup just being the two parts, but really effective in both programs.
    I wanted to keep this set detailed but simple to setup. I've got some other ideas in mind for some future sets as well.
    Hope that helps until I can put some more info out!

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    What a great idea superbly executed . I hope they sell well. These and other types of eyes in future additions are a great time saver indeed.
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