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    Default Twisted Horror (The Exorcist) - Beauty Contest

    Yey! Great challenge! I'm going with Regan from the Exorcist. I'll be making her participating in one of those child beauty contest (they are already creepy enough). Thought about making her as an Olympic gymnast or inside a Circus, but the beauty contest idea, gives me more options to play with =). Hope to have the time to finish it. so far so good! Good luck everyone & happy zbrushing!
    - Gabo

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    Interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing your wip.

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    Default WIP - Poses

    Here are a few options of poses I have been playing with. I will go with B, looks more feminine and childish at the same time, while still maintaining the possibility to bring features of her personality (plus the dress will break the silhouette a bit more in this pose).

    - Gabo

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    Going with another pose need to break the silhouette a bit more and change her personality a bit.

    C&Cs are always welcome.
    - Gabo

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    Default WIP - Concept

    Here goes the 2d concept of Regan at the Beauty Contest. First I posed it with the mannequin to get an idea how it will look from different angles and in 2D, I modified the proportions to fit it to Regan's body.

    Surely more details and some modifications will take in place once I start Sculpting. Any feedback or comment is greatly appreciated. Now... zbrush time!
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    - Gabo

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    Default WIP - Base mesh head

    A little update. Base mesh of the head with dynamesh. I'm planning to do body, arms, head and cloth separately. C&C are welcome!

    - Gabo

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    Default WIP - Set

    The blocking stage of the set.
    I'm aiming towards a representation of a stage (not a real scale stage... there is no need) for concept & lighting purposes, it may be a bit taller depending on the shapes of the curtains.

    - Gabo

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    Great Idea... The set is pulling together nicely... Looking forward to more updates....

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    Default WIP - Blocking

    Thanks Kurt!
    Ok. not much time last week, but here goes another little update. Blocking stage. Hope to catch up this week.
    C&C are always welcom! cheers!

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    Default WIP - Arm base mesh

    Details will come once it is posed.

    - Gabo

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    Default Wip

    back on track.
    same stuff for the leg... Before placing the different parts in their place, I retopolgized the face... is not perfect, but good enough for sculpting and details. Then, I posed the duplicated parts with transpose master to finally get a base to start the refinement and details phase. The pose need a bit of modifications yet, but this is the direction of what I'm looking for. Cheers!

    - Gabo

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    Default WIP - cleaning up

    cloth update. Surely I will do a final ZRemesher to the cloth with the new wrinkles.

    - Gabo

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    Very cool workflow, I may borrow from that
    Looking forward to the end result!

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    Looking good! The pose and expression are great.

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    Default WIP - Regan with a bit of colors.

    @midost Thank you midost! can't wait to see your ballerina on stage!
    @Icebox64 Thanks, Glad to share some useful tips!

    Here goes another update, still needs a ton of work! the hair needs more volume, the cloth more parts and details, etc... hope to have some time during this week and do some progress on the background. I'm having so much fun when I can work on it. C&Cs are always welcome! Cheers!

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