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    wow man! This is awesome... the amount of characters is amazing.
    loved the skeleton girl (dia de los muertos?) and the doll. Also liked how you made a "preview" of each character. Really good work.
    Good luck!
    - Gabo

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    Final Entry!

    Hi guys

    Before anything let me wish you so much luck in your designs. My design as you have noticed has many characters in which I particularly should say that I love those movies.

    I wish I could put some other characters but because of the time I wasn´t been able to do it. Also the it was kinda difficult to place them in the escene in order to make them look good, maybe my render is not comming directly from Zbrush, so I used photoshop to set an environment. I am not really good at lighting and render in Zbrush

    I guess it was not right but I still believe that this image need it.

    Hope you like it! Thank you very much

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