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    Awesome work so far man! Very nice sculpt and design.
    I think it would cool if you were able to a combination of the first pose and the fourth pose. (the lower body from the first and the upper from the fourth.)
    Good luck! it's coming along great.
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    Cool Creature pose idea

    Hi dextermcspice

    i looked at your suggestions of pose ideas and thought i would help out - i did a little pose idea up in maya - i thought what would look great is the BL creature is **** scared of the water and is literally crawling the walls not to go anywhere near the water - he's sweating and nails dug deep in the wall - scratches moving along the wall - slimy trail of his persperating body leaving snail tracks and like the ducky is getting squeezed against the glass/wall and squeeging along as he move ( rrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbbbbpphhhhh ) horizontally along the shot.

    here's the shot


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    Default ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Dextermcspice View Post
    Thank you Artefact.

    I'm trying to work out my pose. I made a mannequin of the creature to pose and play with. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Thank you.

    pose 1 and 4 are the strongest comp wise. One is the best, I would really push silhouette though. It's more interesting. Maybe a dainty hand pose, bigger back arch, shoulders a bit higher. Think "lots of curves and exaggeration. Great work on this!

    I would have chosen this movie idea too, if I would have had the time. Your entry is one of my favorites. Good luck!


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    Love the 1st foot pose with 4 hand pose. you might want to make him closer to the pools ladder or try and put some stairs into the pool so you know he is at the shallow end to give more of the fear factor most so afraid of water are not going to be jumping into the deep end. Just my suggestion. love the foot dipping into the water. One hand could be holding on to the ladder side or steps if you make them have him holding the railing along the steps. You could also have other hand doing a pose with a finger in his mouth like saying I don't know if I should to this. Pouty lips or quivering look to them will help him. I like the face a lot on the first one more than the others. it reads flash back of the worst kind and fear.

    Good luck to you and have fun see you at the finish line.

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    Thank you everyone. I just had a crash and am getting this when I try to open my work. If I cant get it open I am losing lots of work.

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