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    Default Twisted Horror (Merman) - Badmen Mermen

    I decided to do the merman from Cabin in the Wood, I kind want to give the merman a society. At first I want to make the merman into a sales man, then somebody remind me the show madmen.
    I want to mix the merman with the concept of mad men then do a poster

    my references, the right most is my concept merman as salesman

    more concept drawing of merman
    I added more fish elements to the merman than the original one to make it more....fish....

    I started with the zsphere then sphere paint.
    I tried to add somemuscles.

    the final look with muscle study

    then I felt it's better to give him a big belly
    I posed it to the pose of the poster.

    I changed the belly to match the neck

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    ohhh I love it great idea. Love that face. What a cool concept. Hope you finish it I would love to see this one for sure. Good luck to you

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    Man I don't know how I missed this one, sweet concept. I could totally see this guy being in a merman universe haha and he'd for sure be a lawyer or a corrupt congressman haha keep it up
    When you know what to do, you do what you know

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    I tried to sculpt more details into it.
    I really hope I could get rid of the clay look.
    And now I feel like not giving him a suit because I really like the big belly

    Poly paint of the character

    After polypainting and puting in assets,
    Left is the final render using BRP render
    Right is the final composition of different render passes using photoshop, slightly adjusted the light using painting layers in photoshop.

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    Default Final Entry

    Here is my final entry
    Hope you like it

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