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    Time for a long overdue update .
    Quite a lot of models (mostly 28mm minis) went through our workshop since last post. Here are some highlights:

    1. Desert dwellers range
    - it was quite a challenging project for Justyna. In the end I've decided to limit swap options of parts to heads only, but it still makes heck of a set:

    I was super thrilled when I saw how the prints turned out:

    Resin casting also went smoothly for those:

    Those have been further expanded by adding more weapon variants and so on (Krystian worked on majority of those additions):

    we plan to add even more, like gun cart crews etc

    2. Some of the Green Alliance orcs have been released (most of the sculpting done by Konrad Rogowski)

    3. Justyna has been getting better and better with Zbrush sculpting with each model

    - for me a testament that opinions about Zbrush haveing "difficult" UI are a bit exaggerated . Someone with no prior 3d experience seems to be catching up quickly.

    3. Krystian also did some cool stuff like anti riot ogres

    4. We've also had a bit of special limited miniatures like this Halloween Orkenstein:

    ... and quite a number of models for other miniatures and boardgames companies .
    Definitely Zbrush and 3d printing become one of key points in our workflow. For me it was interesting to see how much more often we tend to use ZB for hard surface stuff nowadays.
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