Hello all,
posted this else where but I figured I might get more responses on here.

Here goes:
I saw this concept by the talented Devon Cady-Lee and in 5 days I came this far.

What I need now is a new pair of eyes to help me out, I think there might be a few errors in its creation.
I am trying to make it realistic and make it resemble the image as much as possible, I created notes last night though when I was fiddling with it today (regarding those notes) i felt I did more damage than good and I went to the last save again and decided I needed some professional assistance so I came here.

Please help and critic the model I provided a beauty set of images and a reference set for the more precise critics.
If you could also provide some assistance on how to handle those critics I am all ears, thank gents, enjoy.

Included a semi-beauty, reference and animated images.

Every little bit helps, thanks peeps.