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    Default Almost Laughable

    I am in a class at ZBrush Workshops now, I'll refrain from mentioning the instructors name, but we had a guest lecturer who was showing how to create hair, the other day. The instructor was commenting on his technic, that by using a Cintiq he could rotate the monitor and draw at a comfortable angle. I had to laugh because if he had a 3D mouse he could have positioned the sculpture so that it was at a comfortable angle too. The instructor asked this highly regarded industry professional (you have seen his work on this site and many movies) which Cintiq he used. The reply was a 22 inch because it was not too heavy to move around like the 24 inch is.

    Talk about working around the problem. Likely the artist would have preferred the bigger 24 inch Cintiq but he didn't get it because he is using it like a 3D mouse.

    If I could use the 3D mouse to position the sculpture I would be much faster at sculpting. For those of you that pooh-poo the need for this, you won’t have to use it. Just keep on keying and dragging to your hearts content. My prediction, once Pixologic does incorporate this feature there will be a loud round of applause, and rapid acceptance of this now standard tool.

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    As zBrush has borrowed (and improved as in zRemesher) many features from 3D-Coat, I can't believe that they are letting 3D-Coat totally eclipse zBrush as far as ease-of-use with the 3DConnexion support.

    3D-Coat's 3Dconnexion support was implemented by a single developer - and put in place long ago.

    If only as a point-of-honor, zBrush should step up to the plate?

    Once available, even the out of touch instructors (as mentioned in the previous post) would jump on board once they actually tried one. All it would take would be for someone to bring a puck. It's SOOOO obvious once you've used one for 30 seconds.

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    i certainly hope i gets supported and fast i have a space pilot pro that i use for my day job cnc programming, i couldnt do my job without it because my right hand would die and fall off
    Chocolate!?! This is DOO DOO baby!

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    Is there any way to get work the 3dconnexion space mouse into ZBrush?

    I cant belive it, that ZBrush didnt apply this feature!
    How this can be!

    If you know any way to get work the 3dconnexion Mouse with ZBrush i will appreciate.
    I NEED IT as soon as possible!

    Thank you in advance

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    Sorry - the zBrush developers must build support for 3DConnexion into zBrush.

    Can't be that hard, 3DCoat (which had only a single developer years ago) added this feature many years ago.

    The real problem is that they have never used 3DConnexion with software like 3DCoat, Mudbox, etc. - so they don't see the value. Kind of like trying to explain using a computer for graphics to someone who just uses a pen and paper.

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    Hi ZbWannabe,
    Thnx for your reply!

    Well I have a history.... If Pixologic is not interested then is no my deal...

    Its really sad, when you need to make a decision. This can cause other problems.

    I just can tell you that the decision at GM was made just for this SMALL ISSUE... for the users a big Problem!!!
    Which user want to change and learn other programs when their want to use their favorite Programs without changing to other program... just because this small ISSUE!

    Story... at GM I know there are many users that like to use/still using ZBrush, but just because ZBrush dont support 3Dconnexion/3d Mouses they decided time ago to work with Mudbox. Nice!

    I personally like ZBrush, but DAMN! As a professional 3D Modeler is important for me/us to have the opportunity to work/play with our 3D favorite mouses.
    The 3D mouses help us a lot (I OUR TOOL FOR EVERYTHING) and a big companies like GM making this kind of decision means a lost of $ and a big client for Pixologic (ZBrush)

    There are many applications that use 3D Mouses why ZBrush doesnt have this support?
    I mean Photoshop support 3D mouses... WT...

    ZBrush is now the primary tool for animation and movies.
    Why dont work hard to give the users the ability to have not just a new experience to work, but accelerate their workflow programming a tool that support 3Dconnexion Mouses?

    There are many people outside waiting for this.
    Hope some one can read this and is interested.
    A change needs to happen soon....

    I need to take also a decision ...
    I thinking to purchase Mudbox. I'm guessing for Pixologic just a 1 licence is not a business, but not just only me will make a decision like this.
    If Pixologic doenst have/put/show interest in their users many users are going to make a change...

    People dont like to wait to long. At least just for this tiny things...

    If you know a way to get this work PLEASE!!!! let me know.
    I will like to work just with ZBrush...


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    I just purchased my 3d conexxion. Zbrush was the main reason to buy 3d mouse, because of its hard to use navigation sysyem.. but as i now see.. it's not supported. Really shocked. I think it is something involved in marketing/strategic plans or maybe these guys are just not friends.. it can't be caused because of simple things that we all talk about. Guys from Pixologic, i really hope that you can read this thread and can give some time for these not few users and fans of yours, to add 3d connexion support! Thank you!

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    LOL 4 years this thread has been open, with repeated posts begging Pixo to wake up on the matter. And they haven't bothered to respond to this thread once to offer an explanation. Maybe its a tech limitation people don't know about. But they could at least explain themselves.

    Oh well I dumped Zbrush years ago after I got fed up with them ignoring this important issue. And until they figure it out I will continue to happily run 3D-Coat with FULL 3D-MOUSE support. They will continue to get my hard earned money along with my staff and everyone else that asks me about it until Zbrush wakes up. Balls been in their court for years now. Still love the look of the zbrush tools, but if they keep ignoring this matter they loose my business.

    WAKE UP PIXO, 3DConnexion is here to stay. Try it and you will see why.

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    Default Please make it real!

    Hello Pixologic,

    I didnt want to say it, but because I love ZBrush ... and I will like to buy ZBrush! Didnt want to buy Mudbox yet. Still wating for ZB with 3Dconnexion mouses plugin. I will wait but not that long.

    Pixologic Guys did you ask your self:
    1. Who is the en user?
    2. Do you really know what the client is looking for?
    3. Which Software they client use?
    4. What kind of workflow the client has?
    And the most important question:
    5. Do they really need the 3dconnexion plugin?
    6. For what?

    Let me introduce my self.
    Im a Freelancer Car Designer and a Professional Class-A Modeler.
    I did many works for production and Prototypes in:

    GM, Toyota and Nissan

    BMW, Audi, VW, MAN, Renault, Fiat, Lamborghini, Bentley, Jaguar, ...

    Tata, Hyundai and Nissan.

    South America:
    VW and GM.

    The work I made was mostly Class-A Surfaces and I was surprised when I found out that at GM they used another program Mudbox! for modelling. Years ago.
    I was shocked! Now is really common to use it.

    Answer for the past questions:

    1. The end user are the people who use 3D programs for develop and idea.
    2. Compatibility. I know that you can export .obj files, but before that the user should finish they work. In this case using ZB or Mudbox now also IMA the people are hot about IMA!

    Lets talk about IMA. Is compatible with CATIA AND the must important ting... The people how works with CATIA works with 3D Space Mouses (Mostly with 3Dconnexion Mouses).

    3D Mouses are use typically use in the Engineering process.
    3. This is the most critical part and is THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT WHY SHOULD Pixologic develop a plugin for the 3dconnexion mouses. Is just my opinion.

    I use as a standard softwares:

    Other softwares I can use no really like I use the softwares above.
    3Ds Max

    I have many many experiences- when I travel, that the client has as a standard software SolidWorks or any other program.
    When I need to switch into another program is REALLY HARD to understand how the key combination works.
    Just Plug and finish the job in a short time!

    With a 3Dconnexion mouse I dont need to thing any more about key combinations how to tumble, pan, etc... the view camera.
    I lost my hair just because I had hard time trying to switch between programs... as fast as I could.

    Seriously you can save many hair

    4. Like me switching in more than one software per day helps a lot if you have a 3Dconnexion mouse with you.

    5. SURE! As I mention before. I will like to buy ZBrush and also try to sale to other colleagues, but they will refuse me if they cant use their 3dconnexion Mouse. Believe me!
    The way to rotate the models in ZB is kinky/peculiar.

    6. Switch into another software ifs need it. To be concentrated and focus in their projects.
    Trying to catch which key combination you need to use by switching software you lose your patient, lose your temper, a mount of time, the speed of your workflow, hair and many other things.

    Help us with this IMPORTANT small thing to help you and recommend just Pixologic.
    Its an AWESOME product, but as I said before just this small tiny thing.... make the decision.
    I lose my hair and I dont pretend to lose my head

    PLEASE HEAR YOUR COSTUMER. Will all we will appreciate!
    I know you have another canvas/perspective view, but you implement the lazy mouse, you add a pen tablet plugin, pen pressure is stable, we can use the mouse since the first version of ZB (I guess), how difficult can be to apply the 3Dconnexion mouses Plugin?

    I will truly appreciate the 3Dconnexion plugin.

    BTW. My workflow applies the Wacom Tablets and a 3Dconnexion Mouse.
    One good reason I use now Wacom Tablets is, because I broke my right hand tendons. The reason was- extreme!³ many clicks.
    With ZBrush I do much more clicks to, pan, tumble, twist, zoom, etc.. than I should make for sculpting.
    Think about that.

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    Default 3D Mouse Compatability - A win win solution makes the artist and Zbrush look good

    I dislike the jerky & multi click action of the normal mouse in Zbrush, I wouldn't want the rotation assigned to the pen but rather
    I'd prefer to sculpt, paint and rotate at the same time having less steps & waiting until you get the the angle.

    Zbrush instructors & Pixologic's videos will often express a main focus on Zbrush being/becoming more artist friendly like as a sculptor would naturally sculpt in real life - as an artist I don't recall my real world artistic experiences as having a jerky view nor always having to stop and change it, then continue to work.. -In the real world we typically move & create fluidly/non linear in our space painting and sculpting etc..

    The more smoother and natural experience the better!

    Pixologic please add 3DConnexion/3D mouse support *if this actually the only way to get 3D controller devices to work with Zbrush.. thank you.

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    I would hazard a guess and say they can't support the 3D Mouse as their UI does not support 3D navigation. ie you can rotate in X and Y but you cannot rotate around the Z axis! (I'm not talking the transpose tool - just basic moving your view around)


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    @ higginsdj,

    Totally correct !!!
    But if they develop the 2,5 dimension years ago that means there is also a way to rotate/move in Z axis.

    Tell me!!!
    Why if you use your mouse or your pen tablet ... works all PERFECTLY?
    If this 2 hardwares (mouse and pen tablet) works ... MUST also work a 3Dconnexion mouse.

    Maybe is difficult to program a 3Dconexion plugin, but no for Pixologic.
    I can hard believe that Pixologic didnt release until yet a plugin for 3Dconnexion Mouses.

    I do extremely more "clicks" than I suppose do more sculpting.

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    Hi guys, is there something new about ZB + 3Dconnexions?

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    Ultimately for anyone who does practical sculpting, being able to hold the object in one hand while sculpting & painting with the other is intuitive and natural. It's too bad this marriage of technology hasn't transpired since they seem to be so compatible.

    The cats in both of these companies are far too smart to let a technical limitation stump this process. This feels more of a battle of wills; so either cash or ego (or both) are the reason for this not happening than anything else.

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    Arrow Maybe this is our solution temporary

    Hi guys,
    I just want to let you know, there is an "old" Version of 3d Connexion Software.
    It is a Beta Version, but it helps very well, because it has a Macro for Zbrush, so you can navigate, rotate, zoom and so on.
    New: Experimental profile for Pixologic ZBrush 4;

    Visit 3dconnexion site or search for 3DxWare 10 Beta 64-bit (Graduated) or the 32 bit Version.

    3DxWare 10 Beta 64-bit (Graduated):

    3DxWare 10 Beta 32-bit (Graduated)

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