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    Question 3DMax and ZBrush polygon shortage

    I'm in trouble for a long time. Umrah I have friends that can help

    my problem now ;

    3dmax draw the model in ZBrush with the GOZ would transfer assign uv texture map I'm getting there, but again not a 3d polygon threw rising.
    Dropping the UV map is distorted polygon where I wonder if this is a mistake?

    I make drawings of weapons fall kb and took the 3d and UV map you want to transfer my game but the file size is very high: (

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    I'm assuming you mean you aren't getting the bump/displacement maps through, along side your diffuse map? You just need to make sure you create the UV's in zbrush, then create all the maps you need (diffuse/bump/displacement etc) and have them all active before you hit GoZ.

    Personally I like to delete the lowest subdivisions before making the UV's so my model isn't too low-poly. Then the displacements and such tend to look better.

    It's a bit difficult to understand your post, (perhaps have an English speaking friend translate it instead of using something like Google translate, they tend to translate too literal) so I hope I cleared something up.
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