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    Mature Audiences phobalien sketchbook

    Hi there everyone!
    My name is Stefano Pinna and finally, after years of ''observation'' of the forum I will actually start posting something! I have been in the videogame industry for roughly 6 years starting at Streamline studios and later founding Forge studios with some former colleagues. During these years I had the chance to work on titles like Fear3, Crysis 2 and 3, League of Legends and for the past 2 years on Ryse son of Rome.
    Whenever I had some spare times on my own or I was free of duty from the studio I tried to spend some time on zbrush. From now on I want to put some extra effort in these trainings and sketching and I will also try to do some full pieces.

    I'll start with a fan art composition I'm slowly building for Castlevania lords of shadow, the Mercurysteam's take on the konami saga! I'll show first a vampire like creature that will be facing a Belmont(that I will show later).
    as always, C&C are very welcome... i hope you enjoy the pieces

    close up
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    Default Yeah

    Hey, nice to see you here. Castlevania rules, can't wait to see more of this.

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    Default it is the Belmont time...

    Ehi Hector thanks for your welcome! I hope I can do something decent for this amazing saga

    This time I'm showing the Belmont I designed taking into account the vision given by MercurySteam. My Lucius B. is still an hunter from the Order of the first Lords of shadow and thus will show similarity with the design of the clothing. All those trims around the borders comes directly from Gabriel dress.

    This project started a while back, in July 2013 with concepting and several iteration for the face, hair and veral clothing design. I had a back story in mind at that time that was something like this: This Belmont once young, faced great Evil, like very a strong Vampire lord just under Dracula command Itself. However at that time he wasn't experienced enough and He only managed to survive the battle... He lost a full arm and almost got vampirized by the monster. Now he is mature and blessed by two powerful artifact: His right arm is a blessed tool made from the iron used to crucifies martyrs, it hides a retractile pike to impale unholy creatures; in his left hand he has a wip... bathed in holy water to cut trough demons and bring death upon them!
    Now he can face that lord vampire and many more... till he reaches who has betrayed humanity to banish him from the sight of God.

    Well I may have got too epic in the description but while I'm writing it I'm imagining it to be read from Patrick Stewart!

    Well on another note I think that my idea was a good one since later in 2013 for Lords of shadow 2 it appears that a new Belmont will be there and he will have an armoured arm and very visible scars on the body... . Well is super different of course but I had a good intuition after all the cliche of a special arm is never too old!

    images now and C&C are welcome

    concept and inspiration

    zbrush wip

    wip closeup

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    Hey! Glad to see you here! I really like your concept of Lucius and how you started the sculpt! I hope you'll update it soon!

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    ehi Eithne thanks a lot for your comment!
    I was going to continue on that today so I started with a small sketch to warm up... in the end I spend the afternoon on it
    I'm going to share it here since I wasn't able to do anything else on the Castlevania pieces.
    This one is a sketch of Killy from the manga Blame! by Tsutomu Nihei, one of my favorite manga and manga artist!
    I started from a sphere with dynamesh and it took me 3 hours to reach this point.
    I'm attaching a ref sheet I arranged. As we can see the Killy I did is a mix between all the versions we have in the manga... Nihei changed is face many times during the 10 books! Also the suite/armour is a mix and is very improvised... I was just exploring and going on with some clay, claytube and trim dynamic test. I may pose him if I quickly sketch his gun...
    however this is a sketch and one day I still hope to find enough time to do a nice piece with him and Sanakan clashing in the Megastructure .
    C & C are welcome

    closeup and reference

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    Default vampire update

    hi there everyone!
    I managed to work on the vampire this week for few hours so I can finally post an update. Well more than on the vampire itself I worked on his armor. Doing the design live while sculpting was good fun and after some back and forth now I'm happy enough with the result. I should break symmetry on several parts now, especially the metal plates on arms, shoulders and legs.
    There is also a quick test of colors quickly assigning hue and material.
    I hope some you like the result so far and I would appreciate comments and critique. thanks in advance!

    and color test

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    Default LOS vampire sculpt renders

    Hi all, it has been quite some time since my last post here on ZB central... almost 4 years!
    In the course of these years I have worked on several thing but almost never found enough strength and will to finish up what I had started... well let's see to change that!
    Here I have for you the renders of the final sculpt of my Lords of shadow inspired vampire! After this much time I went to detail the clothing, refine the anatomy and add fur with Ornatrix (in 3dsMax).
    I hope you like the result and if you have any comment or something to say in general, you would be welcome!
    For now I'm moving on with the lowpoly as I plan to have this guy as a realtime model with texturing and all!



    no wings


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