ZCrush! You make me feel I am stupid, Even maya don't make me feel that way, I know you for 3 years, Every time when I tried to learn someting about you, you give me that unreasonalbe navagating system, wierd menu arrangement, complex short cuts, mysterious functions and brushes that hard to figure out how to make them work, common! draw a line and drag different circles to do transformation? what the hell is that?!! I don't know how did you came up with that crap! you are full of imagenation I have to say! You are a crasher, you crash and you make me crash! you hate other softwares, You handle UV and model in different ways, you just want to be different for hell who knows the reason is! hell you filp UV for fun I guess, I have to say I wish sometime in the furture, Mudbox can make you disapear!

Damn you ZCrush, You make me feel I am stupid for a whole day!? you are so hell different! in a mysterious way, you played me for a whole day, a whole day I cannot even make one single function of your mysterious magic work! you hell level 1 model destroyer, UV Fliper, 2.5 Demensional 3D cheater, Normal map blurer, And of cause, a Crasher, even maya never makes me feel this way before!!