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    Video My Realtime-rendered Thread

    Hi everyone. I just registered to zbc and thought to share my latest personal work. This is my first time here so be gentle!

    Plan is to post here all my work that I render realtime in a game-engine. Mostly I use Marmoset 2. I just really appreciate realtime graphics and as I work in the game-industry as a 3d-artist it is passion for me. Also, Shoutout to Yosuke Ishikawa - you sir are a huge inspiration to me and many others.

    So this first one is my Ghoul, inspired by Voldemort and other ugly creatures Just sculpting some heads one evening and decided to take one a bit further. Took it all the way to the excellent Marmoset 2 and rendered it realtime.

    Also, here's a short video on youtube with me messing around with the scene in marmoset. As for the image, I think the displacement could be toned down just a nod, got too exited :I

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    Here is the hires sculpt and the lowpoly-mesh used in marmoset. Used zremesher for the lowpoly retopo.

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    Default Hollow Samurai

    New stuff I created on my free time. Here are some shots rendered in marmoset2 realtime. The dude inside is the ghoul I created previously. I'll upload some wip's later. Comments&critique welcome

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    Default Alien

    My latest sculpt and game-model. Rendered realtime in Marmoset 2.


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    You got some really cool stuff going on here. Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you for your kind words!

    Btw here is the scene with the alien in marmoset if someone is interested in the setup:

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    nice design Danc, very original!

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    Thx bradley!

    Here is something I'm working on now. Wanted to tackle some more hc hardsurface techniques and decided to model most of my hard surfaces with retopoing and creasing. After getting the hang of it its really simple and quite fast too. So far I have always just extruded and used trimdynamic or hPolish with angular hard surfaces.

    The design is kinda wip also and it might change from this.. I should really make some 2d consepts too

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    Nice hard surfaces. Can you explain you method of retopot and crease a bit further please?

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    martincl :

    yea sure I can put some steps/ brakedown -images up later. Im away for the weekend but Ill get something together when Im back. Its nothing revolutionary but sure I can show how I did these parts so far.

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    Default Creasing


    So as requested I put something together on how I did my hard surfaces so far on that WIP helmet. As I said, this technique is nothing new and its not like I invented anything new either, quite basic retopo+creasing stuff. Also, maybe this can be done in some more efficient way perhaps but this is how I do it for now Here it is, sorry for the bad english :E


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    Default update

    Just a small update on my helmet. Design is changing a little as it progresses but its coming together nicely.

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    wow ...GREAT!!!!

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    do you have any tips on how to remove creases on a edge like the one I circled with out losing the creases on the edges that run horizontal ?
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    Default Crease removing

    Hmm, yea this is maybe one of the downsides of zBrushe creasing method, as it requires selecting faces. Not sure how to crease just some edges. I have run into the same situation a couple of times, but they were in simple areas where it was just fast to remove all crease and select faces again for adding them back to right places. I'll do some tests, maybe masking works with creasing (?) This is the first time I use creasing in zBrush so Im not actually that experienced with all the functions. I'll try to find a solution without needing to remove crease on all edges on the face. If someone reading this knows a solution please tell I would like to know also.

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