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    I tried to make a simple custom brush diamond shape like you have but not getting the results like yours

    Care to share a tip?

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    Finished up my bead set~
    @beneath_the_surface Try working on a sharper alpha, it took me awhile to get the right shape to show up in zbrush and transfer to the brush.

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    tons of fun... i wouldn't worry about getting things sharper i think the soft edge hard surface really defines your style.

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    Thank you Tomas~ I was thinking the beads might be a bit busy so I might tighten up the design. I did the same with the links for my bracelet. Still working on the ends but I think I'm getting there~

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    Absolutely awesome designs

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    I hate the summer. When will it be snowing again?!

    I have been sick again but as I'm feeling a bit better I decided to go back and redo an old pendant, the return of deepseasteamsquid!

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    Default Hi

    Hi, great sculpt. Tell me plz how you set up the overlapping brush stroke ClayBuildup brush.

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    Looks marvelous, clap,clap,clap ...

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    Thanks guys! That pendant wasnt really successful for some reason until I turned it into DeepSeaSteamSquid which I am very happy with!
    @Forestlonghill Clay build up always layers itself, its just about making the layering of different strokes look like its overlapping. I set it up so that the pressure of my tablet controls the size more is all. This leads to a more dynamic stroke.

    Here is an experiment in a rock styled ring. I used trim front and trim smooth border~ Its not the most comfortable ring but I'm happy with the art.

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    Been busy sending my stuff off to get made (finally) and playing video games...

    Going back to mens bands for the sake of simplicity!

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    For the sake of simplicity and cost efficiency I'm making my womens rings easier to size. Rather than having to match the shape of the band, when being sized it can just be cut and added to or subtracted from. Less labor less cost? If any jeweler reads this and I'm wrong please tell me~ Also this is another excuse to add more detail!

    Also made a more feminine version of a previous ring that was called masculine by a few people. Now I'm going to sell them as a pair~

    ...Also does this happen to anyone else? I don't know what to make of it. Happens when I'm rotating my model occasionally and really screws up my flow.

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    So I've decided to work on some bracelets~ The last one I made was boring and didn't really fit my aesthetic. Here is what I came up with! More on the way as well!

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    Wow I haven't been zbrushing much latley

    ahhhh stupid day job!!!

    Brilliant work as usual
    I never get tired of your work at all

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    Amazing work. Do you have any videos of how you made one of the mens rings? I can't imagine how you carved that design.

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