This is my first post to this forum, and I'm a relative ZBrush noob. I can see that ZBrush is going to be an unbeatable tool for me, eventually. For now though, I need some help.

I've been using the Kinect sensor to capture full body colour scan data using ReconstructMe. The resolution that I get isn't brilliant, but it's reasonable for what I want to do, which is to do full-colour 3D prints of people. I've been doing monochrome 3D prints in ABS plastic, and I think my printers and the mesh I get out of the Kinect are pretty equivalent in terms of quality. Holding out of course for the new Kinect One, and also looking at photogrammetry, which is probably the direction I'll head in eventually. The Kinect system has a few problems with dimensional accuracy, which I suspect might still be an issue with the K1.
For now I need some people to talk to to nut out some of the workflow issues I'm having with ZBrush. I'm trying to get Textures UV mapped so that I can clean them up in Photoshop. When I try to UV Unwrap my machine chokes on the large mesh from the scan. I don't fully understand SubTools, Decimation, Dynamesh etc., quite clearly. I kinda get that I need to UV Unwrap a lower poly version and use the high quality version for obtaining the texture from the Polypaint, but I'm really not sure how to go about it. I'm working with a guy I met through Elance, who's great at this, but he's often not online, and I'd like to meet a few more people who are skilled in ZB that would be willing and able to assist me from time to time. Happy to pay if the rates are reasonable. I'm also looking for a team of people who are willing to work with me cleaning up this kind of data. It's quite possible that, once I get the workflow straight and things get rolling, I'll need a team of people to assist with this.

If you have the skills and are interested in helping me work out the workflow and/or doing production work in future, Skype me at pilate7004 and we can chat about it.

Kind regards,