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    Hi there, thought I'd finally post some work on this forum after being intimidated by all the pros out there

    This is my first real shot at creating a proper character. I've created a couple before at Uni but they were, for a better choice of words, 'poor'. I've been trying to work on this one as best I can, I've currently left the body as it is since the characters going to be a Spider-Man in the black suit and I thought that after retoping I can go back and make additional changes where necessary. (Correct me if that's a poor approach?) Currently I am trying to get a likeness of Andrew Garfield's face and would like a bit of feedback on my overall progress and advice on getting the likeness closer. Please, ignore the hair, it's very, very place holder in which I've just had a quick stab at. I can see since uploading these images that I have a couple of issues regarding his neck thickness and jaw line. (I'll probs notice others before finishing this). I do have a wealthy library of reference images but here's just a couple that I have found that have been most helpful thus far.

    For anyone that takes the time to read and offer some feedback I'd be really grateful.

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