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    Default Biomechanical Designs

    These are some biomechanical creatures I've put together over the last couple of years. All heavily influenced by H.R. Gigers fantastic design. I'd like to thank Mr Giger (and offer my condolences on his passing) for all the art he produced.

    For all of these the workflow was to Start in ZBrush (lots of dynameshing), export to Modo, retopo in Modo (this gradually was replaced with ZBrush's ZRemesher), final details in ZBrush, paint in zbrush, and then bring in to Houdini for rigging, posing, and rendering (except for the first case which was rigged and posed with Project Messiah).

    So this was the first attempt at a Giger inspired biomechanical creature:

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    Some of the detailing in the sculpt:

    Detailing in the head region

    Quick animation:

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    Here's another attempt, something a little taller, a little more complex

    Basic shapes:


    Painting in ZBrush

    After rigging in Houdini, fooling around with posing it

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    Another attempt, this was around a year ago, something inspired by the Engineers suits, but maybe something used for combat purposes.

    Initial rough form

    Lots of detailing later...

    Retopo with a combo of ZRemesher and Modo

    Close ups on the details

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    Texturing the sculpt ZBrush:

    Close up on detailing

    Rendered in Houdini after rigging

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