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    Default The new CGhub...

    It's a little hard to say anything about this on a lot of sites, because they are competition, but ZBCentral isn't. If you didn't know already Team Shakuro, the team behind the design and implementation of CGHub are building a new content site after the owners told them to shut down CGHub with no notice reasons. They're on Kickstarter trying to raise money to build the site independent of an individual owner or two to hopefully avert an abrupt shut like what occurred with CGHub. This isn't an individual's site it's a group of dev's that have already built a site that was indispensable to a lot of professional artists, so I hope this won't be deleted.

    The page: http://kck.st/1kTzscc

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    cool , thx for the link.

    Zcentral doesn't delete stuff like this. Community forum is full of links to programs that are competition too. (Well not really competition ... * insert evil laugh *)

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