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    Hey Guys, so I feel its about time I get serious about posting work as I go, and perhaps get more inspired to make more more often.
    I'm gonna be posting some old work in chronological order, as well as some new stuff I'm working on later on. C&C are welcome.
    I dont have some of the original files anymore so forgive all the watermarks at the bottom, these were initially posted on my Deviantart lol.

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    David With the Head of Goliath, inspired from a Caravaggio painting.

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    David with the head of Goliath, sword asset. Referenced from photos, built in Zbrush.

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    Illustration assignment

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    Toy concept as part of a workshop for Hasbro.

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    I dont update this thread as often as I should, so here goes. Here is a WIP. I will hopefully start updating all my work from the past couple of months. For now, have this. C&C is welcome.

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    Sculpt of Muhammad Ali

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    Morgan Freeman Likeness sculpt

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    his works fantastic .... congratulations

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