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    Default New Anime Contest - GHIBLI!!

    For this challenge you can pick any characters from any of the animes that have been made by Studio Ghibli. You can pick any characters that appeared in their respective TV series, shorts or movies.
    Your goal will be to model a 3D character based on one of the Ghibli properties. You can of course do multiple characters but don't forget that quality wins over quantity
    You can do a fan art or your own redesign but keep in mind that you have to keep the character recognizable and stay true to his personality
    To judge this contest : Sakimi Yue Chan , Furio Tedeschi Ted, Ben Lo, Raf Grassetti, Eric Bellefeuille , Kolby Jukes, Herbert Lowis, Brian Sum andRodrigue Pralier
    How to participate:
    Post all your work in progress images in the work in progress album folder
    Make sure you submit your final image into the Final image album:
    All your work can be shared here or on Zbrushcentral but for the final judging don't forget to submit your art in the final image album of the Facebook group
    (Lets keep it organized, new albums or images not related to the concept will be deleted, spam and hateful comments will be deleted)
    Final image Requirement :
    Full 3d character, posed, with colors (textures or polypaint) rendered in any 3D software of your choice, if you want to render it in Maya, XSI, 3dsMax, Keyshot, Unity, Marmoset etc... You can also use any sculpting software like Zbrush, Mudbox etc...
    Any pornographic/obscene contents will result in disqualification and removal from the group of the contestants
    The challenge starts this Sunday March 22nd and the final images will have to be posted in the Final Image Album by September 15th
    Our sponsors is Kudo3D Titan 1
    1st ***8211; Two prints of the design (different colors) around 6" each + Sakimichan signed prints (TBD)
    2nd - One print around 6" + Sakimichan signed prints (TBD)
    3rd - Sakimichan signer prints (TBD)
    The objective of this contest is to keep the good art going and
    to inspire people. Please keep the spams to other groups.

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    Default Winners announced

    here are our 4 winners

    and you can see all the other final entries HERE

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