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    Video Santa Larva's sketchbook and selected works

    Hello ZBrush freaks and loonies!

    I've been working on my version of Venom character lately so I thought I would share some results.

    I went crazy and created something like well above twenty BPR renders, focusing on development of the transparent material for saliva and some experiments with different lighting.
    Well as for now I'm not 100% satisfied with how the saliva is refracting the light (Fresnel refraction doesn't work for me in ZBrush) so I need to work it out...
    Here***8217;s 1st set of Venom BPR renders comped in photoshop:

    Here's a set of turntables combined together into one clip:

    For some reason I can't embed youtube window so I just paste link to youtube video:


    and here's link to turntables rendered in maya using mental ray and final gather. I called that 3D print simulation because I'd love to make huge prints of my Venom boy:


    all kind of feedback welcome

    take care

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    Default 2nd part of renders

    here comes another six-pack:

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    Default yet another six-pack of renders



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    Default My new fun project - New Era Robots

    Hi bros & siss
    I've been busy having fun with my last project - New Era Robots.
    I'm cooking some kind of turntable/trailer for the series which I will post later cos the rendering takes same time.
    Have fun, cheers.

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    Default Renders part 2

    e voila. I always tend to go crazy and make zillions of poses and render...

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    Default Renders part 3

    can't decide just on few of them so I upload more

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    Default Renders part 4

    fun fun fun

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    Default Just 4 last more

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    Video Here come NEW ERA ROBOTS

    Some new renders and trailer // turntable

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    Default Two more pix

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    Content for Mature Audiences only. Click to view

    Mature Audiences Spartan Rage project

    Hi there. Here's my new project I've been working on lately. Actually I found out I sculpted this furious spartan and his shield half a year ago and it was waiting patiently on my hard drive so I decided lately to give it a go and advance my work on it.
    here's some kind of anatomy study for the project.

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    Content for Mature Audiences only. Click to view

    Mature Audiences Spartan Rage Some more WIP pics

    I'm posting some WIP images. I've been playing with cape and hair. As for the cape I'm thinking of look and feel of some kind of baroque cloth with decent amount of folds, floating in space as if it was sunk in deep water so it slowly flows creating round shapes.
    I want hair to conform to the very same principle. Well obviously I need to make the hair a little longer to accomplish that. I'm also planning to give our spartan something more to wear.
    At the very beginning I saw him wearing only helmet, cape and shin covers (greaves?) but right now I'm considering wrapping his pelvis area with some leathery underwear

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    Default Some more Spartan Rage WIPs

    Raging Spartan look and feel further development.

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    Default 2 more WIPs

    Leather stripes madness

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    Default Handicapped Gorilla /// New Personal Project W.I.P.s

    Hello every1

    I've been working lately on some fury creature and here are some WIPs.

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