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    Default Handicapped Gorilla /// New Personal Project more W.I.P.s

    more bpr renders

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    Default Handicapped Gorilla /// New Personal Project even more W.I.P.s

    gorilla gone with the fur

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    Great Gorilla!
    I also looked at your earlier Venom and android woman art and thought that was great as well!
    I'm guessing this is how you created the separated head and body:
    1. Create the head and the body as different subtools
    2. Create the connection strands in the end as its own subtools
    Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks

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    Hey Godless thanks, glad you like it!

    You are 100% correct, I did make 2 separate subtools then I painted a mask on each of them and I used that masks to create another 2 subtools (gums let's say) using the extract function.
    Then, after smoothing edges here and there, I used, if I'm not mistaken, the snake hook brush to pull out most of these strands exceeding a little bit half the distance from the upper part
    to the lower one so they would overlap each other. Then I merged these subtools into one and dynameshed them and started sculpting other details.
    Hope this explains the process.

    keep on zbrushing!

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    Video Spartan Rage Concept Turntable DOF WIP

    A short turntable video

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    Video Handicapped Gorilla Turntable WIP

    Here's short turntable of gorilla. As usual all crits and comments welcome.

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    Default Venom Keyshot Tests

    Here are some keyshot renders of my old Venom lad.

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    Sick! love it
    Freelance 3D ArtistCargocollectiveVimeo

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    I guess I wasn't posting anything here for about 1,5 year

    1st of all thnx M-Wicz for kind words. I know I know it's been long time...

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    Default Robo Assassin Princess Concept

    I've been having fun with this concept lately so I decided to share it here since I didn't post anything for a long time.

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    and a simple ZBrush generated turntable

    Robo AssAssassin Princes Concept TURNTABLE from SantaLarva on Vimeo.

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