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    Finally went and did my first 3D print. For a first go, I think it turned out pretty well.

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    yes indeed.
    Is it makerbot?

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    Naw I had it printed at shapeways. I wanted to see if I could create a printable model before investing in a makerbot or equivalent haha.

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    Alright so I'm trying to practice making more realistic looking characters and I feel I've been staring at this too long and could use some input on things to improve in the anatomy.

    I'm aiming to make this character:

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    Me, too! Trying to learn to make realistic characters. :-)

    Your female looks great! I like the abdomen and surrounding areas.

    Take my opinion with a grain of salt -- most of what I know about anatomy, I've learned from the digital tutors course I'm working, but...

    do you think the leg muscles, above the knee, are too defined? A little too bulky?

    And should the shoulder blades be larger?

    One thing I have heard though, over and over, is -- each body is different. So if your sculpt looks like what you're aiming for,
    then forget what I just said. ;-)

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    The angle of the spine of the scapula seems off, the sacral 'triangle' (which is a bit more than a triangle in a female usually actually) seems more or less absent, and there is no indication of 7th cervical (the one that create a 'bump')

    here is a picture with some lines to point out what I meant more precisely, hope it help

    in yellow c7, in red spine of the scapula, in pink sacral 'triangle'

    I also pointed out in light blue, some volume for the teres major, but it can be very subtle on this type of female model so it's more personal taste at this point.

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    Thank you Janvier and Jan 19 I really appreciate the input. I'm still working on that model but I have more to do before posting it again. In the mean time I worked on another character to step back.


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    Shes looking great! Good job!

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    Nice work on the girl...My only comment is her hands are way too big!

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    Thanks Takai!

    I can agree with that ModernArtist

    Been innactive on here for a while so heres some art!

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    Video Barbarian Fisherman Garp

    Hey guys I made this the other day and wanted to share it here. I made this based off a concept by John Polidora. You can see his work at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xvPoW. It was tonnes of fun to model this guy!

    This was also my first attempt at having animations in marmoset 3. Super easy to do!

    And finally it's also on sketchfab:

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    The fisherman is so spot on that for a second I was thinking the render was the reference

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    Thanks @celsofx! Glad you like the result. It was a fun design to tackle!

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