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    Default Protoss -ish

    This is my spin on a Protoss.

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    Default Epic!!!!!!!!!

    Man this is really Amazing work..Top row for sure...... Awesome Details

    I would like to see him in a movie

    Those Glow thingies on his Tentacles or hair .. Looks really Coolll

    .. im wondering how it would look when its animated... like the glowing things move over time ...

    plus im a big fan of StarCraft

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    Thanks sephin!!

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    McNistor... yeah I can see what you mean... I could've pushed it more "alien". Thanks for the feedback

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    Default Sick

    This is pretty sick I like how everything works together so well. Great composition/colors/lens effects/floaty particles congrats on this piece!
    When you know what to do, you do what you know

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    x-titan - Thanks!

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