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    Video Pangaea race

    main video:


    Short animation and image I did last 3.5 months. So I recorded all process.
    soft: Zbrush, 3dsmax (corona render, scanline), Mari, Photoshop, Crazybump, After Effects, Premiere Pro

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    this is just insane.. excellent work dude..

    this took 31/2 months? that's a lot of work..

    just one thing, that music on your tutorial is a bit heavy to listen to for 2hrs..!

    a whoosh and twinkle is better than a sizzle and splat

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    Thank you!

    I did illustration 2 months and after that I animated about 1.5 month with breaks for rendering (one week), travel to Cyprus (another week) And many other little breaks.

    I don't think that someone will watch full "making of" video. I posted it to make people understand general process. Sorry for music, I loved to listen it all this 3.5 months. Therefore, it is part of process too

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