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    Smile My first Zbrush Sculpts

    Hi i'm Seraphina and i've been learning Zbrush through Digital Tutors. I want to show my progress so far, i appreciate comments and critique because i want to get really good at Digital Sculpting in Zbrush and need to know what i might be doing wrong and how i can get much better.

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    Hey Seraphina
    man your doing some fine work here buddy, that Skull is an amazing sculpt for just starting out in zbrush
    man I wish that I could learn as fast as you are, I'll be on the look out for more of your work
    all the best to you

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    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment Lou it has really motivated me!
    I believe that to get good at Zbrush you need to first learn the interface then the sculpting. Digital Tutors have been brilliant, and i really reccomend it to anyone wanting to get started in Zbrush. I'm still working through the tutorials, I'm currently learning Facial Anatomy. The skull is what i sculpted while following with one of the courses. I will be uploading more of my progress as i work my way through the courses. Hopefully i will be ready to begin my own projects soon. I've seen some awesome stuff on this site and i hope to be able to be at least half as good as the guys on here.

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