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    I've recently been keeping a sketchbook on the Polycount forums for a while, and now that I'm taking more of an interest in Zbrush, I'll be posting on ZBrush Central too! I would love to get critiques as well career guidance as currently (when I started this thread) I'm a self taught student looking to get a job in either the video game or film industries as a 3D modeler.

    Here's my website, joelgafford.com

    Here's my Polycount sketchbook

    And my Deviant Art

    I'd like to start this sketchbook off with a zombie sculpt that I referenced from an extra from the Walking Dead TV show.

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    I recently took pictures of a very good replica of Tutankhamun's head piece and was so inspired by the artistry of it that I decided to make it into a digital model.

    I processed the 33 images, taken in a circle around it at regular intervals, with 123D Catch. Then I sculpted on the resulting mesh with Zbrush at a very high resolution. Then I decimated the model down to about 16,500 polygons and imported it into Modo for UV unwrapping. I then baked the normal maps from the high resolution model down to the low resolution model using Xnormal. Then I painted the color maps on the low res model in Modo, using the threshold filter in Photoshop on these color maps to produce the metallic maps needed for physically based rendering. Afterwards, I imported the model into Unreal Engine 4, created a short matinee to showcase my work, and exported the matinee as a jpeg image sequence for processing in Sony Vegas 10. Here's the result of about a week and half of work!

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