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    Default Creature Sculpting and Design Tutorial

    "Sculpt and Design Creatures part 1" is out! https://gumroad.com/cgzen

    Hey guys, I did few free tutorials a while ago about Zbrush and decided to release my first paid one on gumroad.This time with English voice over! Although the theme is overexposed and there are hundreds of creature related tuts out there, I hope the way I approached mine is a bit different and helpful.

    In this tutorial I wanted to show my preferred way of sculpting organic models using dynamesh as well to share with you some basic design principles that help to add variety and contrast. The tutorial is done in a similar fashion like my free sci-fi gun series on youtube - meaning it is packed with info, overlaid examples and demonstrations.

    For full description and what you will get check here: gumroad.com/cgzen

    I'll be happy to answer any of your questions and would love to hear your comments!

    Cgzen on gumroad: link
    Cgzen on youtube (free tutorials): link
    Cgzen on facebook (ask questions): link
    CGZEN / Portfolio / Facebook / Instagram

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    Creature tutorial update #1:
    Just added PayPal as a payment option!

    Use PayPal
    CGZEN / Portfolio / Facebook / Instagram

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    Upcoming updates:

    #2 Sample creature bust ztl - I think of something with only primary and secondary forms no details, so the people learning from this tutorial will have something to test the detailing techniques.

    #3 Russian subtitles.
    CGZEN / Portfolio / Facebook / Instagram

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