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    Default Changing background colour for popup help ZBrush 4R6

    Hello folks,

    I'd like to be able to read the in-programme popup help that is displayed when I click CTRL while hovering over a menu item. By default it appears to be white text on transparent background. I've discovered the Preferences - Icolors menu with its 40 billion options, none of which are descriptive enough for me to figure out how to change this adequately.

    Quick Info Opacity changes the background from transparent to white, which doesn't help me read the words (which are light grey, see screenshot). Anyone know how to change either the background colour to a solid dark grey, or alternatively the colour of the words? I've seen this working on Windows, but I'm on a Mac and can't seem to make this work.

    Also, is there a way to reset the entire UI to "default 4R6" somehow?

    Thank you!

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    To the right of DefaultZScript at top are 4 buttons you can cycle through. I posted a custom UI which may have better colors. HTH

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    1. Will switch to different color schemes.

    2. Will switch different UI Layouts

    As far as I know you can't change the color of the Text in the Quick Info. However you can change the background colors.

    In the iColors there's 2 colors called Palette1 and Palette2. These are the two colors used in the quick info. If they're the same color you get a solid color. The Palette1 is the primary and the Palette2 is the secondary, if they're different colors you'll get a gradient look. And of course you already know about the opacity slider.

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    Thank you so much MentalFrog, Palette1 and Palette2 were the answer to the puzzle! I've set both values to black, set the opacity to 100% and now I can read the popup help. Woohoo!

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