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    Default A 3D piece for my Master's Thesis

    Hello all, I was hoping I could ask for a little help. I am in the middle of a Master's thesis for Boston University which consists of an autoethnographic paper about learning ZBrush and applying it to classroom study. Part of this study concerns validity arguments, and I was hoping to explore some of that though the use of critique.

    The objective I set for myself was to make one low poly stylized model based on an original character in the "chibi" style (trying to keep things "simple"). It is my first experience with the program and creating a humanoid model (I did create a 3DS Max model of a sword for my entrance portfolio to the university). I was hoping I could receive some critique on the model which I could use in my paper as part of the data I need to collect. One problem I am aware of, but unsure of how to fix, is some weird geometry which occurs when a sphere is used to model and the vertices around the poles do not wish to cooperate. The critique would hopefully allow me to not only create better models, but allow me to accurately critique student models.

    When using the critique in the paper, at most, I would only refer to your ID name, the forum, and the comments made. I truly thank you for your time.

    - Jason
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    Hey Jason, great little character, very cute and typical of the chibi style. It's a really nice design.

    My criticism would be that he doesn't seem to have much detail, maybe this is something your still working on, I would look at giving him some great textures on his clothes, and putting a bit more detail around the eyes, his eyeball look a bit static as though they were just placed into the mesh as opposed to being one with the rest of his body.

    Give his skin some texture aswell, reptilian maybe.

    Also play around with his antenna things, they look to be greated just by pulling out shapes with the snake hook brush, you want them to look more deliberate, as if they were growing out of him.

    Hope this helps, really great job sir,

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    Nice character Jason. I agree with blckgold, more fine details will make this pop. As for the spheres issue you mention, most of us reconstruct the spheres to get rid of the poles. With ZBrush there is always a solution..

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    I would really like to thank both of you for your critique. I began to apply some of the crits, but my paper now has all my time and attention, unfortunately. I did play around with it a bit, and will definitely remember the critique in the next project I make, but looking into textures really looks to require more dedication than I can really give it now, though I did learn a lot even from the small time I spent with it. Thank you once again for your help!
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