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    Default mrtnmccn's sketchbook

    I've been fooling around with Zbrush for a week or so and thought It'd be a good idea to start a sketchbook.

    I'll be posting WIPs and anything I happen to finish, in order to hopefully further motivate myself and get feedback from the community.

    Here's a head I did when I first started. I didn't really use any reference for it.

    I've never really studied anatomy before, so I decided I'd better do that before practicing other aspects of sculpting.
    First, I sculpted a skull. It's not completely accurate, but I think it should be a good base to build upon.

    That's it for now, any comments or critiques are very much appreciated.

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    Welcome to ZBC! That skull looks pretty good - especially after only a week of using ZBrush.
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