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    Default Anatomy study - Male body - c&c needed

    Hi everybody,
    this is my first time posting on zbc aand...first time trying to sculpt a full body figure for anatomy study purpose (I recently bought 3dtotal's male figure).
    As you can see I'm still blocking out the secondary shapes and before I move on, I would like to hear some critiques about proportions.

    Thank you so far!

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    Looking good so far. Here are some suggestions though.
    - Imho the weakest part in sculpt is rectus abdominis (RA) muscle. From top to bottom its packs appear progressively wider. In reality the semilunar line, which splits abbs from obliques is quite straight and vertical, which means that bellies of RA above the navel should be the same width. Also, you have added yet another division below he navel - this is not right. For the most part this area is one solid mass, rarely with vertical division of linea alba. Only occasionally the nature goes crazy and adds another pair of bellies to this muscle (but chance to see it like one to million)
    - From a front view his legs appear to thin compare to the rest of his body. Good bodybuilders never forget to train their legs as well
    - The clavicle looks too diagonal IMHO. Plus I would rework the silhouette and interplay of muscles and bones in shoulder girdle region, especially at acromion process.

    I hope this was helpful

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    Damn! I used this as one of my references by mistake...

    Jokes apart, thanks for the critique, now I see why it seemed wrong

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    Hey guys,
    here's an update:

    As Vir Norin suggested, I fixed the abdomen, the clavicle and pumped up the legs. I'm still not sure about the shoulders and back.
    Once again, C&C are appreciated.

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