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    Unhappy Help me start my first proper Retop?

    Hey all, i'm new here.

    While I have a fairly good understanding of topology, edge flow etc -I've not really done a lot of retopping in my time practicing 3d.

    I'm in my final year at University studying computer games design and my 3D Character design module piece needs retopologizing so I can start to UV map, texture and render.

    Basically while some parts will be fairly easy, there are subtools I literally have no idea how to approach in terms of retop.

    This is a screenshot of the character so far, feel free to give advice & criticism but i'm primarily here for help with the topology. It is a WIP and much of the life-giving details and fine polishing aren't included yet. I have around a 35k poly budget for the whole character.

    For example one subtool which I fear retopping is these thigh panels which are v.low poly and made in max. I originally started an attempt like this:

    but I don't see how I can respect the edge flow I know I need without making many triangles etc.

    If anyone could help me or maybe upload an image showing how they'd go about the retop that would be great.

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