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    Hello everyone!

    Its been a long time since I posted anything.

    This is the white box for a concept image I've been working on periodically over last 2 weeks or so . Its been burning in my mind for about 6 months. But I've had the entire month of December off, so I figured I would get busy on it.

    First image is the block and layout I did in MODO. Second image is the most recent iteration of the details done in Zbrush, exported and rendered in modo with the occlusion material, an NPR shader, as well as an incidence pass than comped out in PS.

    There's allot I wanted to share as far as the workflow and tools used to get this thing fleshed out quickly but I'm heading out of town for the holidays and I've got to spend some time shopping, packing and all that good stuff. Hopefully I can get that stuff done today and tomorrow, and post more images and explanation of the process on thursday and friday before I head out of town. But I'm not sure if that's doable so I just wanted to kick it out here and bring in the new year on the right foot for WIPs which is a new years resolution of mine.

    In summary,

    The hangar and maintenance vehicle was detailed mostly with micro mesh, using the topology of the block out meshes to guide the nurnies and grovels to create some shapes and spaces to set things up for some kit bashing.

    The mech in the detailed render you can see that its pretty different from the blockout. The blockout mech was an old block out I did years ago, but couldn't really take it anywhere then. I made some rough edits to it in modo, and used it as a guide to build the new one on top of it. I refashioned most of it using a couple primitive IMM brush sets, dynamesh, and some kit bashing. There are areas that are still pretty rough but I felt I struck the cohesion I was looking for in the design, and there was enough there to get the point across.

    The hangar lift was mostly kit bashed, using the blockout mesh as a guide to draw out IMM. I'm sure some of you will spot some of the kit used to flesh it out I further tweaked things with some dyna and micro mesh procedures. I'm not crazy about it yet, and will probably do some more iteration on it as soon as I can...

    The men walking around, and tires on the vehicle are from the modo asset shop, and user content library. The men will be replaced with proper mechanics and engineers at later date.

    And thanks for the look. C&C welcome!

    best holiday wishes to all!



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    Wow, really cool! There's a lot of detail in the most recent pic and it's cool to see the original rough draft.

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    My god...that's amazing

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    Thanks for taking a look guys.

    Comments are much appreciated!

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    I love it Robert!

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