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    Default Did you guys know you could do this?

    If you didn't already know that you can grow the tab menu like this I thought I'd let you know because I find it extremely useful. Especially when you are first learning Z brush and want to put the functions you are learning in one place.

    If you don't know how to do this you will have to play with it a while to figure out exactly how it works. all you do is just gradually nudge the top and bottom sections of the tab menu up and down with buttons to make more room. It actually took me a while to understand just how much real estate you can get by doing this. I'm not even sure If I pushed it to its limits or not but I like being able to partially view my model while its up.

    I also wanted to draw more attention to this function because I have some complaints about how it works. When I make the tab menu this big and forget to close it down before I load a new project it will actually crop the document size to that little sliver where you can see my noob Raptor. On top of that, it also forces me to start ZPR. files from inside Zbrush because if I try to start Z Brush from a ZPR.file the tab menu will automatically be up when it starts and I have to completely reload the project with the Tab menu down anyway. as you can imagine it can be quite annoying if you forget to take it down when starting projects inside Z brush.

    While I'm at it I would also like to touch upon a much needed function with this type of interface and that is the ability to delete custom made Menus. I found a work around for it by putting all the default menus inside the tab menu so I can hide my ugly custom menu mistakes with the menu button. Even though it looks nice, knowing that they are just hiding behind a button click is really bugging me. I know I could just make a new Custom UI but it took me forever to get all these functions out of the menus and lined up in the right places.

    I really hope this post helps some folks!!!

    Happy Sculpting everyone!!!


    Josh O.

    PS. I changed my original post picture from a naked chick to a raptor so everyone can see the tab on the thumbnail lol
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