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    Default More anatomy study

    Here are some more anatomy study sculpts to go with the ones posted a few days ago.

    Still need a lot of practice but I think I am making a steady improvement!

    Comments and critiques are more than welcome

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    Great job. How do you study?

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    What do you study from?

    You're making basic mistakes - you're depending on observing the subject but it looks like you don't know the anatomy too well and you're making mistakes.
    I would sugest you to invest into books like books of Andrew Loomis, Bridgman, and more focused on just Anatomy like Richer's Artistic Anatomy or Peck's Atlas of human anatomy for artists, Goldfinger's Element of form .
    ANd the new one - Anatomy for sculptors is a great source too.

    If you're seriously interested in figure sculpting you never regret of buing these books.

    In short - learn basics first then put your knowledge into studies like the ones above.

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