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    Post First sculpt - revisited for 4R7 and Keyshot

    I only took the plunge just last year to get a tablet, a licence of 4R6 and start creating. After running through a few tutorials I couldn't wait any longer to just start sculpting my own things, and this was the result, transferred over to Keyshot via the new bridge and with some stock materials thrown on... I still have much to learn on the whole texturing/poly painting front. I guess it's still a Work in Progress as I still have to detail the body and add some accessories to the body. The headpiece was sculpted using the tools in 4R6 so it will be fun to try out the new hard surface stuff in 4R7 for the rest of it.

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    Your sculpting looks great, for a relatively new sculptor. Looks like you need a little practice on your poly painting techniques, but GREAT start. Well done.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! Actually there was no poly-painting on this one; it was all just materials. But you're right in that at the moment I have no poly painting experience at all! I probably will give it a try on this model though... I just wanted to get some colour on it quickly and was playing around with the materials in Keyshot 5.

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