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    Question Sculptris crashes when I use brushes?

    Hello, I'm new here. I've been using Sculptris on and off for about a year or two, and I've only gotten into making real models just a few days ago.

    I'm on my fourth one, and I decided to test out the "brush" option. The thing is, any time I click "enable" and then click on a brush, it crashes. No error messages, no reason, it just crashes and closes itself. I searched Google for about an hour on the subject, but I couldn't find any help.

    Any way to fix this? I'm not quite sure the dimensions of the brush textures, but they're all black and white. They also work for other people (I downloaded a brush pack on DeviantART), but I guess not for me!

    Using Vista. Any ideas on how to fix this? I don't mind not using brushes, but I wanted to try them!

    Sorry for being horribly noob-ish, I'm still getting into the whole 3D thing. I'm used to Paint Tool SAI!

    (This is the brush pack if you need to know: http://fav.me/d5g55e0 )

    Thanks for anybody's responses in advance!

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    Unhappy Facing a Similar Glitch

    Hello Koili!

    I face a similar problem with Sculptris. I love using brushes! It lets me do realistic textures, create cool patterns, and overall make my sculptures look much nicer. But, since about a week ago, I have been facing a similar glitch.
    So, I have my texture pack file. Nothing much. Loading it up into the brush section, still nothing much... Select the brush I want to use, still, doing ok. But, click enable, *poof*! Sculptris has crashed. For me, there is a message of it quitting unexpectedly, and I can re-open my work in the same condition it was in before it crashed. I do not know why this happens, and I hope that someone answers our question soon. At least we both know we are not alone! ^w^'

    A fellow Sculptris user,

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