Hi all,

I decided to share WIPs of my character in order to motivate myself and don’t get lazy. I’d like to win all the more the competition on the best ancient Rome render (link).

Hem... It will be a well-known Roman statue of Julius Caesar. I always wanted to sculpt some famous historical figure in Zbrush. I fixed upon the statue by chance - I came across it browsing Google Images. The pose and all these beautiful folds on the clothes – I just couldn’t pass by

So, what I have at the moment (I decided to skip the initial layer: D)…

To create this I used ZBrush and did retopology in Maya.

Then I went on with mesh that had a regular topology. I added some muscles and other details.

According to my idea it will be Julius Caesar, or rather the statue of him.

I understand that there are some mistakes in anatomy, but the most of the body will be covered with armor and clothing.

Here I tried to put it in a pose and realized that I will keep only the wreath))

Thank you all for your support!

P.S.: I’ll be very grateful for advice from the community.