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    Default ZbrushProjects

    Glock 17
    Here is my 1st attempt modeling hard surfaces in zbrush, I learn all a lot about this tool and intend to do more modelling in zbursh.
    Dynamesh and Base model in Maya
    Render in Keyshot.

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    Default Car Test

    I thought of have an attempt of modelling a car in zbrush using only zmodeler it's still an work in progress but I have learn a lot so far. For me it all about exploring new ways of doing thing.

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    Default Bag Clip ShadowBox test

    I just want to see what it was like modelling using shadow box.
    Rendered in KeyShot

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    Default Jettisoned albert’s avenger

    Base these guy design at
    Still a WIP as I would like to texture it a bit better.

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    good stuff

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    Default Savoia S.21 from the film Porco Rosso

    I finally finished v I decided to make 80% of it in zbrush using modeller. I learnt a lot on this personal project in terms of setting up my own work flow for zbrush and maya. Thanks to all the guys on zbrush forum for tips on zmodeller. It was a really a big help.

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    Default Character practice

    Hi guys I finally have some time to crack fun stuff. The first one is a character which my son normally watches in the morning call Duggee the other one is character called Abby Chase from the comics Danger Girl this is still an WIP.

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    Default WIP Progress 2016


    Here is some of my work in progress from over the last few months. I would like to get into toy design or character modelling (at a stretch as there is a lot of talent out there). I would appreciate some feedback and any advice that you may have.

    The best way for me to get up to speed was to copy illustrations by other artists and try to capture them in a 3D form. The designs came from Warner Brothers, Creature Box and ArtStation - all talented artists.

    jelly bean creaturebox

    cranial Thump creature box

    Character WIP

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    Default JellyBean


    This is a character I made based on a concept by the guys at Creaturebox. z-brush, keyshot and photoshop.

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    Default Beast Boy

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