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    The Kingpin fanart. It was created under the impression of a comic book Punisher MAX. A side goal was training Zbrush and anatomy. I would also like to do something like Adam Fisher and Zbro z works. C&C welcom.

    by kuhlhaus3d
    on Sketchfab

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    I took a little break from my main project. So I did quick sculpt of the British stand-up comic Jimmy Carr.

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    I’d like to share with you guys my last work a fan art of the Fire Keeper from Dark souls 3. I added a bit of my style in character. Hope you like it.

    Fire Keeper Decimation 00
    by kuhlhaus3d
    on Sketchfab

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    Playing with render style. Need C&C about it.

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    I'm huge fan of the DS series and this sculpt is DOPE. I love her lips, I think you made them way cooler and sexier than the more anime-based original. I'm trying to sculpt a version of one of my DS characters...hope to post it one day.

    Awesome job!

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    lhumungus thanks man!

    Momo bust WIP. Sculpt based on amazing artwork by Samuel Youn. C&C welcom.

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    Update 1. Momo bust WIP. C&C welcom.

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    Default Momo

    I call it done.
    I want a little bit of summer. Personal project based on amazing concept by Samuel Youn.

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    Ariadna based on the book by Victor Pelevin. Raw model and hair. I play with fibermesh. Maybe anyone have links on good hair tutorials. Those that found on YouTube are far from ideal. Comments are welcome.

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    Default Mellisa Clarke

    Funart sculpt of Mellisa Clarke.

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    My new personal project - Chris. Still WIP. My goal - a cute girl in attractive pose. C&C are welcome.

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    Detailed T-shirt and arm. I made a simpler version of the lips for comparison.

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    I'm almost finished detailing highpoly.
    I decided that in the final it would be realtime model. I'll add it into marmoset viewer.
    Guys if you have suggestions let me know.

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    No real feedback except that your sculpt looks very nice! Keep the good work
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    Totyo thx man)

    Eye variations. Changing only the eyelids. Which one do you prefer and if possible explain why.

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