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    Default Cris Palomino's ZBrush Sketchbook

    Hi, my name is Cris. I've been in ZBrush for many years, but this year I decided was the time to really learn this amazing program as fully as possible. The more I do and learn, the more I realize I still have to learn to do what I want. I am a member of Digital Tutors and that, along with the ZClassroom, was how I really started this journey on more level footing. To embark on a deeper understanding of ZBrush, I chose to become a student at Uartsy which has been truly gratifying.

    I have taken Ryan Kingslien's ZBrush 4R7 Certification and am in the process of working through Paul Gaboury's ZBrush 4R7 Everything You Want to Know...with a side of Mech.

    I have also run across some wonderful tutorials on Gumroad and Selz by Shane Olson, Matt "Redbeard" Thorup, Frank Tzeng and Jesse Sandifer that are totally fun and informative.

    I'm going to post present and past things I've done with ZBrush starting with a Mecha Fox model I am currently doing as part of Paul Gaboury's class. The mecha fox is being done entirely in ZBrush. I dynameshed a concept and then retopologized it in ZB and this is now adding details with the assistance of ZModeler and ZSphere retopo.

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    Default Pin-up Girl Head

    I followed Matt "Redbeard" Thorup's tutorial on Introduction to ZBrush and Character Design but used my own girl concept. I know we're doing a pinup in Paul Gaboury's class and I also needed something to polypaint for the Certification course, so I was able to kill a few bird's with a single z-modeled stone.

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    Default Male Head with focus on learning about skin

    This is very much a work in progress as I follow and learn about skin and modeling with ZBrush from Frank Tzeng's tutorial on doing likenesses. The head is not based on any person; it was started from scratch for this exercise.

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    These all look so very nice! I always struggle so much with wrinkles and skin, it is a true hurdle for me. It seems like you are getting a great handle on it though! I will have to look into some of the tutorials you mentioned.

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    Hey nice stuff u got going there, I especially like the bust. Thank you for the tip about those courses as well!

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    Finally posting Looking good.

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