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    Video Another Blendshape Character

    Here is another Character that I have been messing around with for quite awhile and finally rendered. I used zbrush and maya to create the blendshapes which I find is a great workflow. I also use fiber mesh to create the hair curves but I keep them static when I render (cuts down on render times). I rendered it in Vray. He may not be very creative as far as the design goes but these characters are so I can practice my modeling and creating blendshapes and textures. I had to once again bake the skin texture because it is to hard to render SSS frame by frame on my computer. Any and all feedback welcome.

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    This looks really cool
    I'd like to know more about how this works
    i don't have maya but I do have modo and I think it can handle blend shapes too
    whats your workflow like?
    did you use your video performance as Mocap somehow?
    or just as reference
    impressive animations

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    Face shift is its own software you can use it with or without maya. It captures your facial movements through the use of a Kinnect or carmine prime sense camera. As for modo I believe blend shapes import as morph targets if you import an .fbx. I am not positive of this though.

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