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    Post Tarot - righteous light, Character sculpt

    Hello, my name is Alexander. I want to share my last work. It is warrior who fights with demons using the sacred power. Pretty ordinary . I spend a lot of time on this work, because i study on them. It's like you starting without any skills and moving toward the goal. Anyway i came to this stage, what you see here. in fact i want to get some critics about my work. I accept all with pleasure, thanks! Sorry for my bad English))
    My deviantart: http://heavendefender.deviantart.com/
    My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001585572719
    Original concept by: http://sonyam.deviantart.com/art/Tarot-491738532


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    It all looks pretty good. A lot of techniques used in doing that. I like it.

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    Thanks). Yes it's really contain different methods to building shape. Organic shapes, hard armor, belts and chains, textures and decorative items. I think this model looks a bit boring and could be more interesting. Also it's not realistic, not stylised. I not choose direction for my work, but may be in next works i'll do all right)
    I will be glad to see some big mistakes in this work
    The cross look like pretty detailed.

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