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    Namgwon Lee Chick

    ! Please go to my Artstation to see all pictures because i cant really manage to upload all pictures here, Thank you. !

    Original Concept by: Namgwon Lee

    I made her over the last 8 days.
    Made with 3ds Max, Zbrush, MD, PS, Mari, V-Ray and Ornatrix.

    The Skin, Eyes and Hair needs more work, but i will now go to the next project and improve on that.
    Feel free to give me feedback, i would really appreciate it.

    ———————————————— ———————————————-


    My name is Richard Mugler, I’m 20 years old and live currently in Berlin, Germany.

    I am a self taught 3d Character Artist with a graphic/photography background. I studied in Berlin for 1,5 years communication design before i dropped out to educate myself as a 3d Artist.


    I want to work in a studio that allows the Character Artists to take on the whole creation pipeline from modeling to shading. I also want to work in a studio that is located in California (US).

    THE ONE STUDIO that i want to work for is Blur Studio in Culver City (CA).
    I am at the moment building up my portfolio to get to a quality that matches the content they create at Blur.

    Before applying there, i want to take a course at CGMA to gain more experience and get in touch with industry professionals to get successfully accepted at Blur until October/September 2015. This is My Goal.

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    nice job but there are some parts bothering me:
    1) as you mentioned the skin needs work.it looks like you sculpted skin pores with just one or two alphas.try gathering as many alpha as you can for different parts of skin & the most important thing is that you pay attention to skin pores direction.
    2) this character is way too high res.even if you're working on a cinematic character you don't need that much polygon.especially parts like cloth & armor plates.you can achieve same result with much less polys.I don't criticize the hair cuz that take time to get used to.
    sorry if my comment is a bit harsh but I hope it can help you for your next projects.good luck my friend.

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    Thank you for the Feedback, its honest so it doesnt matter how harsh, its helpful

    Yes the skin, I actually painted in mari a displacement map from scanned material from surfacescans.com, but it did not really turn out as expected, i have to work on that.
    I went a bit to far on the polycount, thats completely right, my last project was so low that i thought it doesnt matter to much this time, but i was wrong.

    Again, thanks for the feedback,
    Best regards,


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    Hi Richard

    nice sculpt...I am feeling that the eyes are a little to small

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